UGlow Featured In Williamson Source

“We are incredibly excited about UGlow’s expansion to Brentwood,” said founder and owner, Krista Kutac. “All of Nashville’s surrounding cities are quickly growing and we are looking forward to joining a vibrant community and bringing a unique concept to the market. As a female-founded aesthetics center, there is nothing more important than creating personable, inviting experiences that allow people to become the best versions of themselves. At UGlow, confidence is beautiful.”

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UGlow Spring Newsletter

Let’s admit, we all have an area or two of stubborn fat that bothers us. We try dieting and exercise but nothing seems to be working, it can be very frustrating. What if I told you that there is a way to remove that stubborn fat permanently with only a day or two of downtime? Well there is, it is called FirmSculpt and it is exclusively offered at UGlow Face & Body.

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$500 Off

Any Customized Treatment Plan - Including FirmSculpt!