CoolSculpting Procedure: All the Details that You Need

A CoolSculpting procedure is a non-surgical alternative to liposuction. The procedure doesn’t require anesthesia or downtime for healing, which makes it sound almost like magic. If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Zeltiq Aesthetics is a company pioneering cryolipolysis, the technical term for CoolSculpting. They’re currently involved in a lawsuit with famous supermodel Linda Evangelista. She underwent seven treatments years ago and claims the process ruined her career. 

What is CoolSculpting?  

The idea behind CoolSculpting is that fat’s freezing point differs from that of skin. Therefore, cryolipolysis destroys fat cells with extreme temperatures, without damaging skin cells.

Zeltiq uses paddles to pull the skin away from the body and freeze it for 30 minutes. The process eliminates fat cells but leaves the skin unharmed. Over time, the areas exposed to CoolSculpting look more contoured, since the process dissolves the fat.

Dangers of CoolSculpting  

Medical procedures don’t always go as planned. After Evangelista had seven treatments of CoolSculpting, she noticed that she had hard masses under the skin. Instead of a sleek, contoured shape, the masses were painfully bulging from her body.

Though the model is the biggest name to come forward, she’s not the only one with this story. More people have shared their experiences with CoolSculpting—including the painful results they ended up with. There’s even a Facebook group dedicated to warning others of these risks of CoolSculpting.

PAH or Paradoxical Adipose Hyperplasia

Many patients share stories about how they ended up with paradoxical adipose hyperplasia (PAH) after their CoolSculpting treatment. This condition causes fat calls to expand rather than break down when treated with cold temperatures. 

Zeltiq notes on their website that this side effect is possible, so theoretically, patients are aware. They claim that PAH is extremely rare, occurring in just one out of 4,000 treatment cycles. An independent study, however, found that this disorder is more likely to happen in one out of 138 treatments.

PAH is an uncomfortable condition, but it’s not something patients must live with—it’s treatable with liposuction. It’s not an ideal solution, though, since most people choose CoolSculpting because they want to avoid surgery. 

They also have to wait several months between the onset of PAH and their liposuction surgery. Time helps the fat soften so the surgery is more effective. Going in too early could cause PAH to recur, resulting in follow-up liposuction procedures. The wait means people suffer much too long with this disfiguring pain.

The Aftermath of a CoolSculpting procedure

Most people also suffer from emotional and mental damage as a result of PAH. They feel disfigured and deformed, hiding in their homes to avoid people seeing them in public. They hate their bodies more than they did before the procedure so their mental health deteriorates.

PAH and mental health aren’t the only downsides of CoolSculpting. After spending money on the CoolSculpting procedure, patients also have to pay for liposuction. Even in cases where the CoolSculpting companies paid damages to those with PAH, the lawsuit restitution barely covered the cost of corrective surgery.

Alternatives to CoolSculpting

It doesn’t matter how rare PAH is, or that it’s treatable with surgeries and tummy tucks. Instead of risking the dangers of CoolSculpting, consider these valid alternatives from UGlow.

UGlow Morpheus8 Body

Morpheus Body is a non-surgical, non-invasive treatment to repair damaged skin and reverse the signs of aging. If you have acne scars, sun damage, or stretch marks, this procedure will clear your skin. It can even correct rosacea and melasma, two skin conditions that are notoriously difficult to treat.

You don’t have to suffer from skin conditions to benefit from the Morpheus Body treatment. This procedure tightens loose skin and improves your skin’s texture so you look and feel younger.

How Does It Work?

The process uses radiofrequency regeneration to inspire your body to naturally regenerate collagen. Because your body is producing more collagen, your skin naturally smooths out wrinkles and lines. It also increases blood flow and circulation so your skin looks younger while innately getting healthier.

You can treat other skin conditions with micro-needling tissue repair. These fractional treatments carefully penetrate subdermal tissue suitable for every skin type.

UGlow Firmsculpt

No two bodies are the same, so UGlow customizes Firmsculpt procedures for each individual. Women have different shapes and body goals than men, so it’s important to voice your physical concerns before undergoing treatment. Whether you can’t target certain areas in your workouts or finally want to achieve your dream body, UGlow can help.

How Does Firmsculpt Work?

Firmsculpt is a surgical awake liposuction procedure that uses a proprietary process and unique technology to eliminate inches from your waist, thighs, hips, arms, or any area you want to change. Because Firmsculpt isn’t an invasive procedure, you can undergo treatment safely compared to other forms of liposuction. UGlow professionals do not use general anesthesia during this liposuction treatment so you’re awake and aware throughout the entire procedure.

There’s less downtime and faster healing after your Firmsculpt procedure than traditional liposuction. UGlow includes PRP (platelet-rich plasma) aftercare in each package to ensure you bounce back and feel better than ever after treatment. PRP promotes collagen production to effectively regenerate healthy tissue during recovery.

Paired with Firmsculpt, BodyTite radiofrequency technology works to tighten the skin internally and externally to permanently remove fat and tighten your skin. BodyTite is safer and more efficient than lasers used in other procedures. 

The efficiency of the BodyTite treatment means you won’t have to undergo follow-up procedures to tighten loose skin. While CoolSculpting patients have to have skin removed separately, or even get liposuction to correct PAH, Firmsculpt and BodyTite by UGlow covers everything safely and efficiently.

The Takeaway  

There are a lot of dangerous treatments available, so you should be aware of any lawsuits against medical companies. Before you choose a treatment to improve your body, you should have a consultation with professionals. 

UGlow provides customized care to every patient who uses their services. You have a chance to talk to the experts about your concerns and get their honest feedback before you commit to a procedure.

Experts complete each treatment and then provide PRP aftercare to promote natural healing. Using UGlow ensures you don’t miss a beat after achieving your dream physique.