Want to know how to lose arm fat? Here are the facts.

Whilst some people affectionately nickname their ‘bingo wings’, others just want to know how to lose arm fat as fast as possible…and we support you either way.

But before you consider going under the knife for a Brachioplasty (an arm lift/reduction) or standard liposuction to get rid of unwanted arm fat, please read on to learn the lower-risk modern alternative available to you.

How to lose arm fat fast?

how-to-lose-arm-fatEveryone has the right to feel comfortable in their own body, but the solution to losing arm fat doesn’t have to be as drastic as undergoing major surgery.

If you’re struggling to lose fat and tighten saggy skin on your arms despite living a healthy lifestyle, FirmSculpt’s contouring procedure could be the permanent fix you’re looking for.

FirmSculpt is a minimally invasive surgical procedure that uses awake liposuction, BodyTite, and Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) to remove fat whilst also tightening the skin.

The patent-pending FirmSculpt procedure, available exclusively at UGlow Face & Body, aims to reignite your confidence and have you flaunting your sculpted arms in no time, with a recovery period of just days.

How does FirmSculpt work on arm fat?

FirmSculpt utilizes a revolutionary combination of three procedures; a less invasive form of liposuction, BodyTite, and Platelet-Rich Plasma.

BodyTite is a very low-risk non-invasive radiofrequency energy contouring treatment that works in conjunction with liposuction to melt stubborn fat away so that it can be easily removed, whilst also tightening the skin.

Medical-grade Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) is the third treatment used to help your skin regain its youthful elasticity. The treatment involves three steps; firstly your blood is drawn, then processed to separate the platelet-rich plasma, and finally redeposited as your body’s own miracle serum in the targeted area.

A number of trouble areas can be targeted at once using FirmSculpt, including upper arm fat and lower arm fat.

How much does it cost to have an arm lift and reduction surgery?

A Brachioplasty can cost up to $11,000, and that’s before hidden costs such as aftercare, anesthesia, and operating room facilities.

FirmSculpt is less than half the price, with procedures starting at $5,000 depending on the volume of fat to be removed and the area of treatment. Limited promotional offers are available.

How long will it take me to recover from arm fat surgery?

If you’ve ever had traditional surgery or general anesthetic, you’ll know that it can leave you feeling incapacitated for weeks.

However, following FirmSculpt’s short and minimally invasive surgical procedure clients are free to leave the clinic in a matter of hours, and some even get straight back to work the next day.

Post-surgery pads are only required to be worn for 24 hours, and for the best results compression garments are recommended to be worn under clothing for between two to six weeks after FirmSculpt.

In contrast, a Brachioplasty requires a minimum of two weeks off work to recover, with many patients experiencing major swelling. The surgery involves an incision along the armpit or lower arm, which can take up to 12 months to heal and for the scar to flatten. Due to this, arm movement and exercise must be limited for up to two months following surgery.

Standard liposuction has a downtime of around seven days, with up to three months required to see the final results. Compression garments must also be worn for between three and six weeks.

Do I need a general anesthetic for arm fat surgery?

Unlike traditionally invasive arm fat surgery, such as Brachioplasty or standard liposuction, FirmSculpt does not require patients to undergo a general anesthetic.

This means patients avoid taking on the risks associated with a general anesthetic, including severe allergic reaction (anaphylaxis), waking up during surgery (accidental awareness), and even sudden death.

Instead, Firmsculpt patients can stay awake and even talk throughout the short and painless procedure, with a local anesthetic given to the targeted area.

Traditional arm fat surgery, Brachioplasty, also comes with additional risks that FirmSculpt is not associated with, including developing numbness along the forearm, excessive scarring, and Seroma (fluid collecting in the arm).

So whether you want to lose arm fat fast for an upcoming special event, or it’s something you’ve struggled with for years, FirmSculpt can help you realize your beauty goals whilst saving time and money.

FirmSculpt is exclusively available at UGlow Face & Body, a woman-owned and operated aesthetics practice dedicated to helping people reach their beauty goals without breaking the bank or taking unnecessary health risks.

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