How Laser Resurfacing For Scars On Face Works

Are you curious about laser resurfacing for scars on the face and other skin areas? Laser resurfacing can help reduce the appearance of blotchy red and scarred areas but does have its drawbacks. Although it is a good choice for many people, it is not the only option.  

Here is what you should know about this invasive procedure, so you can make the best choice possible for your health. 

How It Works

Laser resurfacing is a procedure done by a physician or trained dermatologist. Different types of lasers will yield alternative results, depending on your reason for seeking treatment. 

Ablative lasers are wounding lasers, which means they actively destroy the outer level of the skin. Therefore, it is more damaging and aggressive than other procedures. However, this method is more effective for treating deep wrinkles, scars, and warts. In addition, this scenario encourages the body to grow new skin instead of maintaining the existing skin problems.

Nonablative lasers are non-wounding, which does not destroy skin layers, and have a much shorter recovery time. This process encourages collagen growth below the skin, which can help improve your appearance. However, present scar tissue will remain on your skin. This process is ideal for acne concerns, rosacea, and spider veins. 

Either option can use a fractional laser system, which leaves some areas of unaffected tissue in the treatment area. Fractional laser systems help reduce recovery times but do slightly reduce the overall effectiveness of the procedure.

However, if you searched for something like “how to drastically resurface my face” and this still sounds like a good option for you, it is critical that you are aware of the risks involved. 

The Side Effects and Risks of Laser Resurfacing 

With any procedure, there are benefits and risks associated that can vary with each individual. Laser resurfacing has several side effects and risks that may affect you if you choose this treatment plan. These elements include: 

  • Bumps
  • Burning
  • Hyperpigmentation 
  • Infection 
  • Rash 
  • Redness
  • Scars
  • Swelling 

Some individuals may experience mild to moderate symptoms, while others may have severe reactions if they currently take medications, such as aspirin or some acne medications. Therefore, it is critical to talk to your healthcare provider about any side effects or risks before undergoing a procedure like laser resurfacing.

There is a possibility of more severe side effects if you do not follow the proper aftercare once the procedure is complete. The risks of infection or lengthy healing times can occur when the skin does not receive the suitable ointments, medication, and coverage it needs to heal properly. 

Extensive Laser Resurfacing Aftercare 

Recovering from laser resurfacing can take anywhere from two to four weeks, although it will depend on the type of laser used. You can expect your skin to feel tender or raw, and it may drain or ooze liquid for several weeks while it is healing. 

The treated area will need ointment, dressing, medications, and ice packs to help keep it free from bacteria and infection and reduce any swelling. Dressings will need continuous changing, and there are multiple follow-up appointments. 

This type of treatment can involve several weeks of extensive aftercare that will prevent you from resuming daily activities, such as work, evenings out with friends, or other situations. 

Non-Invasive Alternative Treatments to Laser Resurfacing 

If laser resurfacing for face and skin problems does not sound like a procedure you want to do, there are less-risky alternatives. Thankfully, with advances in technology, you have non-invasive and less risky options, which require practically no downtime so that you can return to your daily life as soon as possible. 

Some terrific alternatives to laser resurfacing include: 

  • Morpheus8 Face and Body Resurfacing 
  • Chemical Peel 
  • Jet Peel Infusion Facial 

Morpheus8 Face and Body Resurfacing 

By using radiofrequency regeneration, the Morpheus8 technology helps boost collagen production, increase blood supply and circulation. When partnered with micro-needling tissue repair, this skin penetration provides fractional treatment options for superior results that work with any skin type.  

Uglow can customize this procedure to suit your skin type, present issues, and what kind of results you wish to achieve. It is a terrific option for smoothing skin texture, reducing redness or discoloration, and diminishing scars or loose skin. 

Chemical Peel

Chemical peels are an individualized less-invasive treatment plan than laser resurfacing that provides exceptional short and long-term results. Depending on your specific needs, you can expect in-clinic and at-home procedures for lasting effects. This procedure revitalizes the skin by exfoliating dead cells and stimulates healthy cell growth and renewal. 

For anyone looking to minimize acne scarring or encourage healthy cell renewal, chemical peels are an excellent alternative to laser resurfacing procedures. It is minimally invasive when compared to the laser resurfacing options available. 

Jet Peel Infusion Facial 

No matter what skin type or problem you face, a Jet Peel Infusion Facial could be the answer. The cutting-edge technology is completely touch-free and needle-free, making it as painless as possible. Uglow uses a high-pressure oxygen stream to exfoliate, detoxify, and infuse the skin with essential nutrients. 

There is no downtime to this procedure, and you can see instant results with a reduction of swelling, redness, and other skin imperfections. For one of the easiest ways to get glowing skin without any harmful side effects, a Jet Peel Infusion Facial is the answer. 


While laser resurfacing procedures may benefit some individuals, it is not the only option available to treat skin issues. Uglow provides several effective treatment procedures for facial scars, cell rejuvenation, and improving skin tone. In addition, there are safer and less painful alternatives to invasive treatments for your skin concerns.  

Your face and skin are important parts of your body, and they should receive the care and attention they need. Suppose you are searching for a way to reduce skin problems while minimizing side effects and downtime. Whether you are looking for “laser resurfacing near me” or “laser resurfacing Scottsdale” we have you covered. Uglow has the technology and resources available to get you looking and feeling your best as soon as possible.