Medical Grade versus Test Tube PRP Treatment recently posted a feature on our exclusive Medical Grade PRP treatment!

UGlow Aesthetics in Old Town Scottsdale offers cutting-edge, regenerative plasma rich platelets for its PRP treatment.

Unlike “test tube” PRP, UGlow’s advanced system allows the pros to create medical-grade PRP. Medical-grade PRP has three and a half times the number of platelets than traditional “test tube” PRP, making it 95 percent more effective—giving clients significantly more dramatic anti-aging results. The PRP is infused 4mm into the dermis in the latest, break-through transdermal infusion technology. The regenerative, medical-grade PRP can also be injected as well as applied topically. UGlow Aesthetics is the only provider in Arizona that offers this regenerative, aesthetic procedure. In addition to the PRP Glow facial, UGlow Aesthetics offers PRP injections as well as a PRP  “topper” to most of their skin rejuvenation treatments.

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