Stubborn Belly Fat: 3 Ways To Get Rid Of It

If you’re losing the fight against stubborn belly fat, UGlow is here to help with our definitive guide to battling the bulge using both traditional and cutting-edge methods of fat removal.

stubborn-belly-fatThere’s no shame in having a little extra belly fat, but for most of us that extra weight around our middle is far from a choice with 42% of the world’s adults admitting that they’d like to lose weight.

In the US more than two-thirds of adults carry excess fat, and around 17% of those are on a ‘special’ weight loss diet, so where are we going wrong?

Here’s how to get rid of stubborn belly fat by making lifestyle changes and using the marvels of modern cosmetic treatments, including UGlow Face & Body’s exclusive patent-pending FirmSculpt® contouring procedure…

3 Ways to Get Rid of Stubborn Belly Fat

1. Diet and Nutrition

Do you associate dieting with going hungry, obsessively counting calories, and struggling to find the energy to get through the day? That’s because you were most likely following a restrictive diet.

Restrictive diets are never a long-term solution, and any weight you do lose you’ll probably regain twofold as soon as you start eating ‘normally’ again.

So how can I lose weight for good and never go hungry? It’s as simple as adopting a routine that allows you to cook from scratch (or prepare in advance) three zero or low-fat healthy meals for yourself each day – so you can be 100% sure what you’re eating!

Fill up on generous portions of fresh vegetables, nourishing carbs such as wholemeal pasta, potato, rice, or pulses, and lean meat or lean plant-based alternatives. For weight loss avoid cooking with oil, instead use low-calorie cooking spray and zero to low-fat sauces.

If you find yourself hungry between meals eat whole fruit in abundance, but avoid adding sugars (refined or raw) to your diet.

Try to stick to one small portion of fat-free or low-fat dairy a day, and avoid eating large amounts of bread, flour, oats, seeds, nuts, or cereals. Avoid calorific alcohol and coffee creamer.

Calorie counting should only be used as a reference point when indulging in processed food or sweet treats, which can often contain a deceiving amount of sugar and fat.

But if you’re still struggling to shift the belly fat don’t feel disheartened, genetics or hormones could be to blame. UGlow Face & Body’s minimally-invasive fat removal treatments, such as FirmSculpt®, could be the permanent solution you’re looking for.

2. Exercise and Staying Active

Although it’s not possible to ‘spot reduce’ belly fat through exercise, one medical study found that those who engaged in high-intensity intermittent cardio workouts lost more subcutaneous and abdominal body fat than those who stuck to other forms of moderate exercise… so consider replacing several of your long rambling walks with HIIT classes.

The CDC recommends doing 30 minutes of exercise a day, 5 days a week (150 minutes a week) to reduce your risk of heart disease, cancer, high blood pressure, and type 2 diabetes.

Running on the treadmill is great cardio for burning through calories and creating a deficit for weight loss, however, don’t forget to add in resistance training which is just as important as it helps build muscle, which in turn boosts your metabolism – meaning your body burns through more calories each day, even the days you don’t get to the gym!

When trying to lose belly fat in particular it is important to listen to your body. Over-exercising can act as a stressor causing overtraining syndrome, an increased release of the cortisol stress hormone within the body which can lead to weight gain in the abdomen area… exactly what we don’t want!

3. UGlow Face & Body’s FirmSculpt

But how can you get rid of stubborn belly fat fast if exercise and diet just won’t shift it? Sometimes excess belly fat is unavoidable, caused by either genetics, hormonal fluctuations, pregnancy, or even poor sleep.

Thankfully UGlow Face & Body is dedicated to offering an exclusive range of minimally-invasive contouring procedures at their locations in Scottsdale, Arizona, and Las Vegas, Nevada – helping patients permanently banish that stubborn belly fat and achieve their dream silhouette in just one session!

Treatments include the patent-pending FirmSculpt®, a contouring surgical procedure that uses a less invasive form of awake liposuction combined with BodyTite – a non-invasive radiofrequency energy treatment that melts away hard to reach pockets of fat whilst tightening skin – and Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP).

FirmSculpt® liposuction poses fewer risks than traditional liposuction as it can be performed as an outpatient treatment using local anesthetic and oral medication, rather than a general anesthetic. Patients are free to get back to their busy lives as soon as they feel able following the procedure which requires just hours of downtime.

Other contouring treatments available at UGlow Face & Body include BodyTite; Morpheus8 Face & Body Resurfacing using radiofrequency microneedling tissue repair; PDO Threads, a dissolving non-surgical suture that acts as ‘scaffolding’ for collagen production; and many more!

So if you’re ready to achieve the slim stomach you’ve always wanted, or you’d like to know more about the treatments on offer, call UGlow Face & Body at (602) 562-4531 or visit to book your free in-person or virtual body assessment.