What Is a PRP Facial?

A PRP facial is a type of treatment that involves Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) to achieve various health benefits. The therapy has become highly popular over the past few years in the regenerative medicine industry. 

Many people today also refer to this process as the vampire facial treatment.

So what is a PRP facial?

It involves the extraction and re-injection of specific blood cells, known as platelets, into the face or body. Plasma is a liquid that takes up a considerable portion of the blood.

Plasma contains essential blood components such as platelets, which include over 1500 protein-based biofactors. These bio factors are responsible for growth, hemostasis, enzyme production, tissue repair, and wound healing. 

PRP contains more platelets than the usual amount found in human blood, making it ideal for tissue treatment. A recent report showed that PRP might have over five times more platelets than a standard blood sample. 

The specific amount in each PRP sample depends on the preparation method your practitioner uses.

How Does a PRP Facial Process Work?

A PRP facial is a unique process because it only involves the use of blood from the patient. Medical experts use technical procedures to separate the platelets from the other human blood cells. Here’s the process: 

Unlike “test tube” PRP, UGlow’s advanced system allows the pros to create medical-grade PRP. Medical-grade PRP can have up to six times the number of platelets than “test tube” PRP, making it up to 95 percent more effective—giving patients significantly more dramatic anti-aging results. The PRP is infused up to 4mm into the dermis in the latest, break-through transdermal infusion technology. The regenerative, medical-grade PRP can also be injected as well as applied topically when combined with the Morpheus8 radiofrequency, microneedling treatment.

  • Medical providers take the withdrawn sample through a process referred to as centrifugation. A centrifuge refers to a device that causes the separation of blood components. It’s through this process that the medical experts produce the blood for a PRP facial.
  • Once the extraction of platelets is complete, the doctor will administer anesthetic drugs to the patient.
  • Then, the practitioner will administer the freshly made platelets sample to the client. They can inject, infuse or topically apply it into the desired area, such as where there are wrinkles, sun damage, crepey skin, acne scars and large pores. 

What Are Some PRP Facial Benefits?

There are plenty of PRP Facial Benefits. PRP has been popularized as a way to regenerate new tissue and heal injuries to tendons, ligaments and muscles in sports medicine and orthopedic treatments. Now PRP is being brought to the facial aesthetics world. We’ve compiled a list of the best below: 

Suitable for Different Facial Health Issues 

A PRP facial treatment approach is suitable for treating various health issues. It’s one of the main benefits of a PRP special treatment. 

You can also use it to improve your appearance. Since a practitioner administers the therapy through injections, the treatment also targets various body sections. 

These can include under the eyes, hair glands, and various other facial sections often hard to treat or reach. The other typical facial issues that a PRP treatment can solve are:

  • Reducing wrinkles and lines on the face
  • It works well for treating bone and musculoskeletal complications
  • It helps stimulate hair growth and reduces baldness
  • You can use it with a local anesthetic for injury treatment
  • It helps to improve skin tone and reduce acne issues
  • It’s also helpful in reducing sun damage on the skin
  • It helps encourage the production of collagen, which reduces due to aging
  • It also helps with bladder incontinence and sexual intimacy (commonly known as the O-Shot and P-Shot)

Safe Medical Approach

Since PRP uses blood drawn from the patient’s body, it’s a highly safe medical health procedure. Furthermore, it’s a treatment method that has been popular for several decades. There are also no notable fatalities associated with its application in solving facial issues. 

Almost anyone can use this treatment because it does not involve synthetic drugs or medications. It’s also a safer alternative than techniques such as micro-needling or cosmetic surgery.

While this treatment method is safe, it’s not risk-free because it can sometimes lead to some level of discomfort. These can include issues such as pain, discomfort, irritation, and various others.

It is Convenient and Long Lasting

While patients often have to go for repeat treatments for best results, a PRP facial offers lasting benefits. Some anti-aging treatments might last for several days before you can see any reasonable improvements on your face. 

You will need fewer PRP facial treatments when compared to alternatives such as micro-needling. Expect the PRP skin rejuvenation to take up to one to four sessions that your practitioner will space between every few weeks. 

Your health specialist will give you the best advice for this approach.

Minimally Invasive

The extraction of blood and administering of blood for PRP may take an average of 30 minutes. It’s a medical process with minimal downtime, so anyone who goes through this process can resume most daily activities. 

There are no surgical procedures involved, which also makes patient recovery convenient. Usually, medical health experts recommend about 3 to 5 sessions, and this depends on various factors. 

For instance, a patient with facial hair loss might have to come for repeat procedures every 4 to 12 weeks. However, issues such as facial injury might relate to your healing time and blood quality.

However, your health practitioner might also recommend a few lifestyle and medical changes to ensure the best results. That is because human blood is a delicate treatment medium, and it can be prone to minor changes in your body.

Who Can Get a PRP Facial Treatment?

Almost anyone can get a PRP facial treatment because it’s safe and does not involve significant invasive methods. 

However, people on powerful prescription drugs, pregnant women, and sportsmen have to be careful before getting a PRP facial treatment.

Before going for the therapy session, you might have to consider a few things. For instance, consult with your physician on your general health and things to expect. Here is a quick rundown of things to consider:

  • Stop consuming anti-inflammatory medication a few days before the process 
  • Ensure you consume a healthy diet and drink plenty of water a few days before the operation
  • Avoid the consumption of steroids, thinning herbs, and vitamins
  • Reduce your intake of alcoholic substances and beverages
  • Avoid PRP if you have a history of health issues like bleeding or clotting

Keep all of the above in mind before scheduling your appointment, and consult with a doctor if you’re not sure. 


Overall, a PRP facial treatment is an excellent solution for myriad facial health issues. It does not involve any medications and only the injection of medically modified blood cells. 

With a few sessions over a few weeks, you will notice a significant improvement in your overall skin health.

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UGlow Aesthetics is able to use the same medical-grade PRP for aesthetic treatments as a way to rebuild collagen, regenerate new skin tissue, thicken the skin and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. PRP treatments are safe and natural since it utilizes the platelets from your body. There is not any downtime, and the procedure works on all skin types.

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